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Work for Sale

I had mentioned that I was wildly keen to start work on a series of drawings from my visit to North Wales... well, we all know what happens to schedules and good intentions, don't we? On the plus side, I've had some fun back-to-back commissions which has been fantastic - family portraits and pet and horse portraits. I hope you will take encouragement from the fact that others are having work done and you will take the plunge too!

And I now fairly urgently need to diarise specific dates for some new workshops for beginners as I do love doing these and I know how valuable I found them when I was starting out - although I would say getting a group together is a bit like herding cats isn't it? 1:1 are much easier to set up so do just give me a call.

And if you are on your travels around Cornwall I hope you don't miss out on paying a visit to the Ebenezer Gallery in Polperro during your travels. Yay!

All the best,


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