Recent Works

I work primarily in oils, charcoal or pastel, with wide ranging subject matter - I've 'Golden Eyes' up on the wall here in my studio (what a grand name for the front room!) so he's joining some of my other pieces that I need to get marketing sometime - not least 'Slightly Frazzled' - which is pretty much how I feel about marketing! Do check out my facebook page sometime if you're interested in racehorses as I now have a pair of paintings which I think are looking fabulous and I would so like them to sell together!


I love ringing the changes so that I keep coming back fresh to a piece and hopefully it shows in the finished work.

I've just finished another 'dog in the water' pastel painting - something that keeps me out of mischief when I'm waiting for one of my oil paintings to dry. I seriously need either to get some replacement alkyd white or start another couple of oil paintings so I don't get to this stage. Have to confess it has been convenient this time around!